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Wire Rope Sheaves

Elevator Motors/Materials Corporation (EMCO) is now able to provide a full line of plastic wire rope sheaves and plastic elevator-escalator components.

Plastic wire rope sheaves are currently primarily used on secondary or diverter applications and are available in a standard diameter range.

They offer a number of feature-benefits when compared to steel or cast iron sheaves.
• Lighter weight provides for an easier installation and lower freight costs.
• Quieter elevator operation.
• High wear resistance.
• Less friction and cable wear.
• Corrosion, rust and moisture resistant.
• No maintenance.

Special pulley dimensions per OEM specifications are can be provided upon request.

Specialty products for elevator and escalator applications are also available.

Parts like sprockets, pulleys and gears typically manufactured of metal are now available in plastic offering the same features and benefits of the plastic wire rope sheaves. In many sprocket and gear applications it can also eliminate the need for lubrication and long term maintenance costs.

Please contact us. Find out what all our customers have found.

When it comes to a critical component in the operation and safety of an elevator, only the best will do.
Choose EMCO.
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