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Emergency Power Supply (EPS)
Newest and Most Compact Unit on the Market
Specifically designed for the LiftAire II elevator cab air conditioner, the CPV 14 Coolvator allows the air conditioner to remain active during a power failure ensuring passenger comfort in potential cases of elevator entrapment.

It comes available in 1/60/115 volts or 1/50/240 volts matching the input voltage of the selected air conditioner and provides (2000 VA) output to energize the LiftAire II, 14,000 BTU, air conditioner for over one hour.

The CPV 14 can be used on new or existing installations.

Once all the proper connections are completed fully automatic operation in the event of a power outage occurs.

The following additional features are provided:
• Diagnostic LED bank enables quick and easy troubleshooting.
• Low battery indictor allows simple maintenance monitoring.
• Low battery cut off circuitry protects batteries and controls.
• Over current limiting protection safeguards batteries during air conditioner startup and normal operation.
• On/off switch, battery disconnect switch and main disconnect safety breakers provide safe maintenance (Lock Out/Tag Out) and quick system inspections.
• Sealed batteries provide maintenance free power and eliminate dangerous fume buildups. Batteries do not leak if cracked and are trickle charged for prolonged battery life.
• Battery connections are simple and replacement easy.
• Relay isolation keeps main and emergency power separate.

The CPV 14 cabinet is approximately 31” H x 16” W x 10” D, weighing 120 lbs.

The CTI (car top interface) is 12”H x 12”W x 4.5”D.

The CPV 14 cabinet and batteries are rack mounted. Battery and its rack weight and size are dependent upon backup operation time requirements

When it comes to a critical component in the operation and safety of an elevator, only the best will do.
Choose EMCO.
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