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About Us
Elevator Motors/Materials Corporation (EMCO) has been providing equipment to the elevator industry for over 30 years.
During that time, we have built long term relationships with our customers and suppliers dedicated to providing quality products in a timely manner.
Our employees are not only well versed in the products we provide but are knowledgeable about elevators and their operation
This allows us to provide our customers with the technical expertise and service that is expected from a world class supplier.
All of our products are designed and manufactured to insure the safe transport of the passengers and reliable operation of the elevator.
Our large inventory assures product availability and our location in the New York metropolitan area insures quick access to every major carrier and mode of transport.
Allow us to demonstrate to you why every major elevator manufacturer and our many other customers insist on EMCO as their supplier.


When it comes to a critical component in the operation and safety of an elevator, only the best will do.
Choose EMCO.
Wedge Sockets
  Babbit Sockets
Governor Rope Sockets
Spring Assemblies
LiftAire I
LiftAire II
Air Conditioner
Emergency Power
Coolvator CPV-7
  Coolvator CPV-14
Load Weighing
Controls & Sensors
Cab Sensor
  Cable Sensor
Cross Head Sensor
Hydraulic Pressure Sensor
Traction Machine Sensor
Wire Rope Sheaves
Standard Products
Speciality Products
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